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Do you like to eat outside and have cookouts with your friends and family? If so, then you will love one of these Picnic Tables for your next gathering. We have a country style Log Picnic Table with flip-up benches for convenient lawn care and storage. There is a Park Style Picnic Table for your own backyard barbecue. Our Red Cedar Harvest Set is a spacious and elegant choice in beautiful Western Red Cedar. Or you can bring the mood of a quaint New England farmhouse to your home with the Classic Farmer's Table and Bench Set. Using high quality Red or White Cedar, these picnic tables are meant to be used. The wood has high endurance to weather and wear. It will not rot, split or decay. All of them look great in their natural state, meaning it is not necessary to stain or paint them. Really, there are all pluses and no cons. Just PICK a day for a PICNIC with one of these extraordinary tables!