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Do you love gardening, landscaping and spending time in the yard? If so, then these Potting Benches will make your life a lot easier. Organize your space with a Potters Bench. Unique work area makes finding tools a cinch. Keep your belongings safe and secure. No more messes, no more losing things, no more excuses. Our Potting Bench Collection is extremely weather resistant, made of either Western Red or White Cedar Wood that will last through hot sun or rainy days. We have seven great designs. The Cedar Potting Table or Garden Potting Tables; Cedar Gardener; White Cedar Potters Bench Cart; Master Gardener Potting Bench; Sturdy Western Red Cedar Potting Table; and Designer Cedar Wood Potters Bench. Some offer optional oil-stain finish to prolong color of the natural wood. Others have pull-out trays and cool accessories to store all of your tools and supplies for a simple way to manage. All of our Potting Benches are practical, purposeful and crafted of fine wood for optimum durability. You will wonder how you ever got along in the garden without it! Our BENCHES are BRILLIANT!

Potting Benches

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