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Make an unforgettable outdoor living environment on your own patio or balcony. Our Teak Patio Sets are a brilliant choice for elegance, long-lasting durability and exceptional value. All of our teak is Grade A. This collection is all handmade with dense, beautiful wood that is found deep in the heart of the monsoon forest. All tables and chairs are polished and sanded for exceptionally long-lasting weather resistance. Choose an intimate arrangement for a small deck, like: the Hampton; Chelsea; Cambridge; or any of our Bistro Sets. For bigger families or entertaining, you may opt for the larger Charleston picnic-style; Oxford round; six-person Chelsea; or the Brunswick series. When you抮e not dining and just want to relax, these sets can be mingled with other pieces in the Teak wood section. Add a colorful, yet practical umbrella for a finishing touch to block sun and rain. These sets are intended for personal use, but many hotels and restaurants find them to be perfect for discerning clientele. Take a peek at our Teak. Our PATIO SETS are POSH!

Teak Patio Sets

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