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Tables can be both practical and fashionable. What other piece of Teak Patio Furniture can be as versatile as a table? Especially if they are Teak Tables. Our Teak Patio Tables can be used inside and out. Dress up a patio or make a companion to a chair. Put one inside to put stuff?on. Eat on it, work on it, and play on it. Tables are SO useful! We have a lot of great choices here. Check out our Folding and Extension Tables for portable space-savers. The Round Teak Garden Tables make good Side Tables next to chairs or other pieces of furniture. The rectangular tables can be useful Teak Coffee Tables. The serving trays can be used for lunches or outdoor dining to keep insects from attacking your plate. There are hundreds of uses for a table. Surely you will find at least one that you like. Take a PEEK at our TEAK!

Teak Patio Tables

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