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Wicker Patio Furniture is classic. It's timeless and nostalgic charm lends a feeling of antique craftsmanship. We sell only the finest and are proud to offer this level of quality to our valued customers. We offer the newest, style-conscious pieces available. We have done our best to find unique pieces for your discriminating taste. A bit of history. Wicker Furniture dates all the way back to the 17th Century, making it one of the oldest styles that still remains in fashion throughout the new millenium. The word wiicker refers to the weave which can be crafted from any pliable wood, resin, cane, straw, bamboo or rattan. The history of wicker dates to ancient civilizations. The Romans introduced it to England, and Portuguese traders carried it with spices and silks from India and distributed it throughout Europe. America began production in the 1840's. As always, you抣l find our Wicker Collections to be ultra-comfortable, stylish and long lasting. Our offerings include sets or individual pieces. Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, a Wicker Sofa, Ottomans, Coffee Tables, Chairs, Side Tables, Rocking Chairs and Loungers. You will not be settling for discount and home center sub-par products with any of our pieces. All are weather-resistant, tightly woven and ultra-comfy.